Cuban tile is one of the historically popular materials of the Spanish Mediterranean revival. These tiles are as shiny as terrazzo but as beautiful as hand painted tiles. over the years the Cuban tile in your home or office may have become dingy or chipped. Immaculate Marble Polishing, Inc. has the tools and expertise to polish and restore your Cuban tile to its original beauty. Our highly trained technicians will clean and polish until you are amazed at how wonderful you floor looks. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Preserve your historic Cuban tile

Now you can enjoy the wonderful sensation of colonial elegance in your home. Add splendor to your home or business when you have us install Cuban tile flooring. This modern flooring adds a touch of historical grandeur to any room. With over 2 decades of experience, our team can enhance your living environment with beauty by installing the floor of your dreams. Whether you want Cuban tiles, Mexican tiles, marble, natural stone, granite, terrazzo, concrete, or wood, we have an extensive collection of flooring options to choose from.

Install contemporary tiles in historical styles

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cuban tiles cuban tiles

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