Among the most artistic of all flooring applications, Mexican tile is a type of terracotta tile hand crafted in shades of yellow, orange, and beige. This gorgeous natural flooring is the perfect choice for enclosed patios, kitchens, and sunrooms. If you are looking for ideal flooring for any room in your home that needs a relaxed and casual environment, contact us to see if Mexican tile is the right choice for you!


To prolong your Mexican tiles, contact the professionals at Immacualte Marble Polishing, Inc.

Give your home artistic flair with Mexican tile

Over time, the accumulation of dirt and grime can wear down the sealed tiled surfaces of your Mexican tile. Keep your unique flooring looking sunny and beautiful with our highly trained technicians. Our team is fully licensed and insured. We can polish away years of wear and restore your floor to its original color and warmth.


We also install and clean coded floors such as vinyl and linoleum.

Complete floor care

Immaculate Marble Polish, Inc. is the premiere Mexican tile restoration expert.

You can trust in our more than 2 decades of experience. Get your FREE estimate today!


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